Athlete Eligibility

SCBC Competition Streams

SCBC has two (2) competition streams, Competitive and Recreational. You may change from one stream to another, but only once per season.


Competitive consists of Ranked, Unranked and Other Federations and generally has routes and boulder problems set at a higher level than recreational as is geared to the athlete that what you challenge themselves at the highest level.


Recreational, more commonly known as REC is a less serious fun level of competition. Geared towards beginners and intermediate level climbers that are looking for fun events or looking to gain competition experienced before moving to the competitive stream. REC has two categories, Rec (Beginner) and Exp (Intermediate).

Recreational Athlete Eligibility

Recreational Athletes

Athletes with births years of 2010 or earlier may hold an SCBC Recreational membership and compete in any SCBC Recreational competitions, provided they have not been banned or suspended from any other federation or partnered facility.

Recreational events have two categories:

Recreational category (top rope for difficulty and V0-V3 for bouldering ), and
Experienced category (lead climbing for difficulty and V4-V6 for bouldering ).

Grades are approximate and may vary slightly

Unranked Athlete Eligibility

Unranked Athletes

Athletes (regardless of residency or citizenship) may purchase an SCBC Unranked membership and compete in any SCBC competition in their respective age category, provided they have not been banned or suspended from any other federation.

Note: Unranked memberships are only Pay-As-You-Go.

Ranked Athlete Eligibility

Ranked Athletes

Athletes are eligible to compete in SCBC competitions as a 'Ranked' competitor if they have purchased an SCBC Ranked membership and are either:

a. a resident of BC (regardless of nationality), or
b. a non-resident of BC but hold a Canadian passport and select SCBC as their Provincial & Territorial Sport Organization (PTSO).

Note: Only SCBC Ranked athletes are eligible for Team BC selection or Climbing Escalade Canada (CEC) quota spots to be filled by SCBC.

Other Federation Eligibility

Athletes from Other Federations

Other Federations Athletes (OFA) are eligible to compete in SCBC competitions* if they are an active member of another climbing federation (regardless of residency or nationality) and have requested a free OFA registration with SCBC.

*Note: Athletes from other federations (that are not Ranked Athletes with SCBC) must have competed in at least one SCBC local competition in a discipline in the current season to be eligible to register for a SCBC Provincial Championship competition in the same discipline.