Volunteering For Sport Climbing BC

Become an SCBC Volunteer

SCBC relies heavily on volunteers.
Competitions need your help so please consider becoming part of our amazing volunteer community and help give a great experience to our climbing youth and adults.

NEW for 2013/2024
All Ranked Youth will need to have someone volunteer a minimum of 6hrs over the course of the season. This can be done in one event or spread over several events through out the season. It can also be done by multiple people volunteering on behalf of an athlete. Your hours will be tracked via your FREE SCBC volunteer membership.

How To Become A Volunteer

Sign in to your account and setup your volunteer profile.
If you are volunteering on behalf of an athlete, make sure to add them to your volunteer hours in your profile.
You may add more than one person to your list.
Youth B and older athletes may volunteer on there own behalf, by adding themselves to their own volunteer profile.
If you are NOT volunteering on behalf of an athlete, then add yourself to your own volunteer hours list.
Your volunteer hours will track all the hours volunteers for each person on your Volunteer Hours list.

How To Sign Up for Events

Go to schedule, click on details, then the red Volunteer button.
Go to schedule, click on details to see available volunteer optionsScroll down to view the volunteerin options.
Click on the red volunteer button beside the role and time slot you want to volunteer for.
If you have more than one athlete in your profile, then you will be prompted to select an athlete that shift will be on behalf of.
That shift should now show up in your volunteer profile.

There is a help link in your Volunteering tab of our profile to help guide you through the process.
Contact us for more information about becoming a volunteer.


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