About SCBC

Our Story

About Sport Climbing BC (SCBC)

Sport Climbing BC (SCBC) was establish in 2013 as the Provincial/Territorial Sport Organization (PTSO) to lead, develop and promote competitive and recreational sport climbing for all participants throughout BC.

SCBC is a volunteer based non-profit organization that is partly funded by viaSport as well as revenues generated from memberships, registrations and donations.

SCBC provides the highest standards for all SCBC sanctioned events from standardize rules, route setting and officiating, allowing us to ensure quality and consistency for our athletes.

Our Mission

Sport Climbing BC leads, develops, and promotes sport climbing for all participants throughout BC.

Our Vision

Our Vision is our preferred future – what we are striving to become – to be viewed as – and by which to measure our success. Sport Climbing BC is the leader in sport climbing through excellence and innovation.

Our Values

Our values represent our core beliefs. They guide our decisions and direct our contributions to the sport. Sport Climbing BC will:
Be ATHLETE-CENTERED in the design and delivery of our programming
Ensure that programs and service are EQUITABLE for all levels and abilities of participants
Practice ETHICAL decision making in all we do
Provide a SAFE and SECURE environment do
Be SUPPORTIVE of our climbing community