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Sport Climbing BC

The five directors on the SCBC board each serve a 2 or 3-year term, overlapping such that each spring some but not all of the directors' terms expire. New directors are elected each spring at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in conjunction with the Difficulty Provincial Championship competition

The purposes of the Association are:
  1. To promote the development of the sport of competitive climbing in British Columbia;
  2. To govern the sport of competitive climbing in British Columbia;
  3. To organize the competition climbing calendar for youth and adults in British Columbia;
  4. To host, promote, organize, and sanction climbing competitions in British Columbia;
  5. To develop, promote, and enforce a consistent rules structure for all sanctioned climbing competitions held in British Columbia;
  6. To host, promote, and organize climbing related events;
  7. To be the British Columbia member of the National Sport Organization which governs competitive climbing in Canada;
  8. To liaise with British Columbia climbers and the National Sport Organization which governs competitive climbing in Canada;
  9. To develop, promote, and provide training and certification for climbing coaches, judges, officials and route setters in British Columbia;
  10. To provide support to gyms hosting climbing competitions and climbing related events;
  11. To provide financial support to Association members to attend National and International climbing competitions;
  12. To develop, promote, and maintain partnerships with other organizations that support competitive climbing;
  13. To promote recreational climbing;
  14. To promote other forms of outdoor recreation.

Board of Directors


Sport Climbing BC Board of Directors

The first formal Board of Directors was elected at the Annual General Meeting on March 30th 2013. The following positions make up the SCBC Board:

  • One (1) President
  • One (1) Vice-President
  • One (1) Secretary-Treasurer
  • One (1) Registrar
  • One (1) Director - at - Large

The board will meet approximately once a month to conduct the business of the organization. Meetings will be announced in advance on our facebook page, and minutes posted here on our website as soon as practicable after each meeting. Any member of the SCBC is welcome to contact any board member at any time to discuss what the organization is doing, to provide feedback or to express concerns.

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