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What SCBC Membership Should I Select?
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Competitive Ranked

Other Federation

$20.00 Annual SCBC Membership

Select this membership if you are a member in good standing with another recognized Federation other than SCBC.
Proof of other federation membership is required.

Provincial Membership

$100.00 Annual SCBC Membership

Select this membership if you would like to compete in competitions throughout the season as a Ranked competitor up to and including Provincials.
Must be a BC Resident or Canadian Living abroad.
Does NOT include National CEC License.

Annual CEC License

Purchase directly from CEC

National Licenses must be purchased directly from the CEC. You must also purchase an SCBC Provincial Membership separately from the link above.

Click for more information:
CEC National Licenses

SCBC membership must be purchased separately.

Competitive Un-Ranked



$5.00 per Sanctioned Comp (max 2 comps)

This membership is for competitors that would only like to compete in 1 - 2 comps throughout the season as an Un-Ranked competitor up to and including Provincials.
For first-time 'Pay-As-You-Go' competitors, click on the competition you want to register for, then on the blue Join to Register button. Or sign in if you have already joined as a 'Pay-As-You-Go' member, sign in.
After you have competed in 2 sanctioned competitions, you must purchase the unlimited upgrade to compete in more sanctioned competitions.
$1.00 per Unsanctioned Comp Does NOT include CEC competitions.
Not eligible to purchase a CEC License.


Unlimited Comps

$30.00 Annual Membership

Choose this membership if you would like to compete in more than 2 competitions throughout the season as an Un-Ranked competitor up to and including Provincials.
Does NOT include CEC competitions.
Not eligible to purchase a CEC License.



Basic Membership

$0.00 Annual Membership

Basic memberships are for non-competitive climbers that are developing their climbing skills at the local level such school programs, local gym clubs and programs etc. Basic memberships do not include eligibility to compete at SCBC sanctioned competitions.
NOT eligible to compete in any competitions


Affiliate Membership

$5.00 Annual Membership

This membership is for Non-Competing Supporters, Officials, Volunteers, Judges, Belayers, Parents etc.


Coaches Membership

$5.00 Annual Membership

Required for ALL non-competing coaches attending competitions. Competing coaches only need to purchase any of the "Competitive" memberships.

Min Training Standard
All Coaches (including Parent Coaches & Competing Coaches) must meet the minimum training standard to have be able to register for comps as a coach and have access to ISO, designated Field-of-Play and file Appeals. Contact the SCBC Registrar for more information.

NOTE: contact the SCBC Registrar once you have purchased your membership, to be setup for "Coaches Access" that will give you access to the Coaches Area resources.


Gym Owners

$0.00 Gym Owners/Managers

Required for all participating (non-Competing) Gym Owners/Managers that will be hosting a competition (included in SCBC sanctioning fee), and voluntary for other gym owners. Competing owners/managers only need a Competitive membership.
Contact SCBC for your Gym Access


Frequently Asked Questions

regarding memberships

2019/20 SCBC Memberships

2019/20 SCBC Memberships are now available for purchase. Your membership fees are used to pay for administrative costs for SCBC including insurance, marketing and memberships (CEC, SportBC). This year has seen an increase in the cost of ranked memberships to offset these administrative costs.

Full financials will be presented at the AGM on October 5th, 2019, but a breakdown of costs can be found here.

Ranked vs Un-ranked

A Ranked competitor will have their points tracked by SCBC and count towards Provincial Rankings, Provincial titles and Team BC. selection.
Un-Ranked competitors may compete up to the Provincial Championship level but will not have their points tracked and are not eligible for Provincial titles. Un-Ranked competitors may not compete at Regional nor at National Level competitions.

Regional & National Comps

  • * Youth D competitors may NOT compete beyond the Provincial level and therefore cannot compete at either Regionals or Nationals.
  • * Youth C competitors MAY compete at Regionals but are NOT eligible to compete at Nationals.
  • * Youth B and Open competitors ARE eligible to qualify for both Regional and National competitions.


You may upgrade your membership at any time throughout the competition season. When you upgrade from an Un-Ranked to a Ranked membership, results from competitions prior to the upgrade will NOT be counted towards your ranking.

Age Categories

Youth categories are divided into two year increments. Your correct category is determined by your birth year and not your age.

Youth A and Junior will compete with Open for all SCBC competitions and will be scored in their respective Youth category as well as in Open.

Birth Year chart for the 2021 Season

Category Birth Years

Youth D 2010 or later
Youth C 2008 or 2009
Youth B 2006 or 2007
Youth A 2004 or 2005
Junior 2002 or 2003
Open2005 or earlier
Masters1981 or earlier
Experienced2007 or earlier
Recreational2007 or earlier

Change Category

You can change categories from one competition to another (subject to age eligibility). To change categories, just select the desired category when you register for a competition. You can also change you default selection from your MySCBC profile page (note: this will not change any registrations prior to the change).
No charge for changing categories.

Coaches Website Access

You must have an SCBC Membership to be setup for SCBC Website Coaches Access and complete the minimum training requirement and have a Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) completed.
Click here to view Coaches Path and training requirements
Coaches must register for each SCBC sanctioned competition if they wish to have access to designated areas (Field of Play) on the climbing floor, Isolation area and the ability to make Appeals.

SCBC Coaches Access:
You must have a valid SCBC membership (Any Type) AND be set up on the SCBC website as a coach either as an independent coach or club coach
Coach set up is done by your club's head coach or by the SCBC Registrar.

Coaches Comp Registration

  1. Sign into your personal SCBC account
  2. Click on the blue "Coaches Access" button (top left of the "My SCBC" page)
  3. Select the comps you want to register for (Coach Registration area - top center page)
  4. Click "yes" to confirm

Parent Coaches

Youth competitors that do NOT have a club coach, may have parents purchase a Coach membership. Only 1 coaching parent per family will be granted coaching status per comp - the other parent will be a spectator for that comp.

Please contact the SCBC Registrar once you have your membership and we will set up your Coaches Access so you can register to coach at competitions.

Competitors From Other Federations

If you hold a National or Provincial level membership with a recognized federation outside of BC then you need to purchase an SCBC Other Federation membership.

Competing Coaches & Affiliates

Any Coach or Affiliate member that will be competing this season, should purchase the appropriate competitive membership INSTEAD of a Coaches or Affiliate membership. Competitive members will be able to have Coach or Affiliate privileges.

Please contact the SCBC Registrar once you have your membership and we will set up your Coaches Access so you can register to coach at competitions.

International Federation
IFSC Pan-Am Council
National Climbing Federation
Alberta Climbing Federation
Ontario Climbing Federation
Quebec Climbing Federation